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Traditional vs. Holistic

46 years ago, I started my career in fitness. I was 20 years old when I discovered my passion to help people achieve their best life possible. This was before all the fancy and specialized fitness attire, sneakers, and equipment. Each week I would teach 8-10 classes… BAREFOOT. Can you imagine???

Today, I continue to teach and promote fitness and wellness. But it has not been an easy journey. I have experienced overuse injuries, fractures, surgeries, and lots of traditional medical treatment.

The one thing I have learned is that traditional medical treatments are not always the only option to managing pain.

Everyone experiences pain, some acute and some chronic. Either way, pain is not fun and can affect your activity, your mood, your lifestyle, and mobility. Personally, I do not like the side effects of pain medication, so I am always researching alternatives. I have tried many. Some were “Quackery” BUT some truly helped relieve my pain and these are the products and services I promote.

These are the holistic solutions I use and promote and hope there is a solution for you.

1. R.I.C.E – rest, ice, compression, elevation: this is the first step to pain management for an injury.

2. USDA Organic CBD THC Free Topicals

a. Salve

b. Sports Cream

3. Wearable Human Performance Neuro-Technology - Designed by neuroscientists, it is completely drug free & non-invasive. It improves balance & stability, helps manage pain, and optimizes REM sleep.

a. Vioxx Socks: Comfortable, supportive and have a neuro code sewn right in the socks

b. Super Patches

i. Freedom Patch: Pain Management

ii. Liberty Patch: Balance and mobility

iii. Victory Patch: Athletic Performance

iv. Defend Patch: Immune Strength

These are the holistic solutions I use daily and the changes and benefits I experience and have truly changes my life. I am so grateful that I have found holistic solutions that allow me to live a more active lifestyle.

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Gotta run, going to hit the ropes course and zip lines with my grandsons! Life is meant to be lived!

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