Time To Own Your New Normal

Updated: Sep 15

Yesterday, I went for my annual physical and sat patiently in the examining room waiting to see me new PCP. I had never met her and was excited to finally see her. In she walked, clad from head to toe in PPE! I am talking "head to toe". Hair pulled up in a net, eye covering, 2 masks, gloves and a yellow paper suit over her regular clothes! This meeting got me to thinking, "Is it time for us to embrace our new normal and settle in?

With that being said, I started thinking, what will our new normal look like? Right now we never leave the house without our masks on, we have a hand sanitizer station right by our front door and we wash our hands constantly. So we totally have that covered!

But, What about our internal "New Normal"? What can we do to protect ourselves from the inside out?

Ron and I have been supplementing all our lives but didn't really notice if the vitamin pills were really working. So, we decided to try optimal nutrition in a powder form? That was 1999 and very quickly we found our answer. A wrong number called, led me to Noreen, a 75 year old woman who spoke with me about Reliv and Jesus! It turns out it was not a wrong number after all! She had the answers I was looking for on that very day!

We chatted for a while just like old friends and I told her I was coming right over so we could meet face to face and continue this meaningful conversation!

Noreen basically told me that without Optimal Nutrition and a relationship with Jesus, we were sunk. Jesus is our spiritual food and optimal nutrition is our physical food! It all made so much sense to me!!!

Now 21 years later, amidst Covid-19, I am forever grateful to Noreen, who is still alive and living in Florida! Ron and I have embraced this new and healthy way of supplementing and have never looked back at those darn vitamin pills. Thank Noreen for all your wisdom.

I am sharing this story because people are starting to return to work, to college and out little ones face the fear of communal activities in antiquated schools not quite prepared to face this viscous virus. We chose Reliv Optimal Nutrition, 21 years ago, for this exact moment. And we want you to know about these amazing nutrition products. They are simple, delicious and will strengthen your immune system like a warrior!

Learn more about how you can strengthen your family's immune system, Starting NOW

God Bless you Mightily and stay well!

Tippy & Ron

PS: Ron and I are health consultants with Reliv, because the products work!


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