The First Hour Of Your Day

2020 has been a year of battles,challenges and yes, CDC Guidelines. At Tippy Organics, we focus on educating others about the importance of having a strong immune system and share a variety of products and services that will help you in this journey.

Today, I will be focusing on 3 simple things you can do daily to support your immune system.

The first hour of your day can determine how the rest of your day will flow. Be sure to guard your time, use it intentionally and truly consider it sacred... because it is. Remember, when your alarm goes off, get out of bed. Don't talk yourself out of it,just do it! you ready to dig deeper?

  1. Stay off your phone and computer: Sounds simple but is really hard for most of us. our phones have become addictive and completely draw us in. So, let's create some habits that will make this easier.

*Keep your phone in sleep mode until a designated time.

*Write down a to do list for the day. This is productive, not distracting.

*Set a time for turning on technology and stick with it.

*Schedule a time for checking emails and deleting spam.

2. Re-hydrate with Warm Lemon Water: While we sleep, our bodies naturally go into fasting

mode. The first thing we need to do to end this fast is to drink 8-10 oz of room temperature

or warm water to help us re-hydrate, flush out toxins and jump start digestion. Get in the habit

of Lemon Water before your coffee or tea. Try a glass of 8-10 oz of warm water juice of

1/2 lemon or a couple packets of lemon powder, I use "True Lemon" that you can find in

your grocery store. To really spice up your engine, add a dash of cayenne pepper!

3. Fiber, Fat & Protein: Start each day with this winning combination at breakfast. The first meal

of the day is when you fuel up so it is important to include these 3 powerful macro-nutrients to

fill you up, ignite your brain and keep you fuller longer. A few delicious ideas to try include

Avocado Toast, Chia Pudding, a scrambled egg with sliced tomato or yogurt with fruit and


Maximizing the first hour of your day is its own form of magic. it will help you take back control in a world that in so many ways is out of control. Use this time to calm your busy brain and focus on things that really matter.

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