Stay Productive & Healthy At Home

Working from home didn’t sound so bad at first, but now 6+ months later, in comes boredom, distractions, and now finding yourself easily off-track. Without structure and someone else to hold us accountable it’s a lot easier to procrastinate and Netflix our way through the day, rather than get those work-related tasks completed. Hence out Netflix snacking leading to our Quarantine 15lbs! Everyone is fighting the same Covid battle and social distancing and masks have become the new normal! While it may be hard to focus and stay motivated throughout the day, where are a few helpful tips that may make you a bit more productive. 1.) Get up and get moving Keep yourself on a regular daily schedule. Set your alarm just as you would if you were still making that commute to the office! Get up, out of the bed and while your at it,go ahead and make your bed! Get dressed in some presentable clothes. Have your coffee and be sure to have a healthy breakfast with some Protein Filled Brian Fuel Now prepare yourself mentally for all the tasks at hand!

2.)Set up a designated work space where you can stay focused and avoid distractions. Give yourself plenty of room to stretch out...mentally and physically! And since the gym is closed and you have a busy workday ahead, make sure your StayFit Mini Stepper is in position so you can get your daily steps in without ever having to get up off your chair. After your workout slide your feet over to the Shiatsu Air Max Foot Massager for some deep-kneading relief and relaxation.

3.) Take a break Just because your working from home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a break. Step away from the screen and give yourself a time out with a quick 15-minute massage using the Cordless Shiatsu Massage Pillow. Close your eyes and transport yourself to a land full of socializing and fun!

4.) Clean up Sanitize, practice good hygiene and keep your space cleaner with the help of any one of the HoMedics UV-Clean products such as the UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer. Rid common household and personal items like your phone, pens, keys, eyeglasses, computer mouse and more of viruses, bacteria and nasty germs. As always, vigorously wash your hands several times daily and lather up some lotion to keep them hydrated and baby soft. It’s important now more than every we all do our part to keep our lives a little cleaner. Times are tough and the world is in a strange place right now. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a pat on the back for doing your part by staying home and staying safe.

Be Well and Happy

Tippy & Ron


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