Some "Unsung Heroes" Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic is upon us and completely caught by surprise! We usually reach for a handbook or search Google looking for answers but not this time. There is no handbook, and there are no answers on Google telling us how to live through this pandemic. Our sense of normalcy has been shaken to its core.

One positive thing this pandemic has shown us is how much we depend on others to make our lives easier. 

Our lives have changed dramatically and we now have to rely on the amazing essential workers risking their lives to get us through! We all should feel incredibly grateful to these individuals who are sacrificing everything us. It is time we reach out to these unsung heroes and say "Thank You" for their hard work and dedication during these uncertain times.

We are very grateful to scientists, first-responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. Thank you all for what you do for all of us!!! But, let's not forget the other essential workers I call "Unsung Heroes"!

1. Truck Drivers are busy delivering everyday necessities while we stay safe at home. Thank you!

2. Auto Repair Workers come to the rescue when other essential workers may need them to change a flat, jump the battery and even repair cars involved in an accident. Thank you!

3. Food Service Workers do it all to keep the rest of us with all we need - groceries, take out meals and junk food. Thank you!

4. News Journalists keeping us informed about what is going on in the ever changing world. Thank you!

5. Celebrities, having had to cancel concerts, continue to entertain us in our new virtual reality. Thank You!

6. Gym Owners/Fitness Instructors provide us with free online fitness programming to keep us in shape! Thank you!

7. Law Enforcement Professionals have been working hard to keep our neighborhoods safe. Thank You!

8. Teachers are eagerly willing to learn new ways to continue educating our children while schools are closed. Thank you! 

9. Funeral Staffers are doing their best to help the many families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic. Thank you

10. Family Members are true angels for having to put up with each of us during what I call our "Quarantine Stay-cation". Awe...Thank you!!!

And Thank You all for following the Covid -19 CDC Guidlines.

Stay Home - Wear A Mask... Save Lives!!

Sending happy thoughts!



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