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The 4th of July is just around the corner and many people in the USA are excited to celebrate this, Independence Day. How about you?

Every 4th of July I think about my Mom and our childhood dog “Lucky”. The one thing the two of them had in common was the fear of fireworks! I remember everyone would go out to the beach in Rye to see the bonfires and fireworks that would “wow” the onlookers.

Except Mom and Lucky. As I would look back to the house, I could see my Mom and Lucky upstairs staring out the bedroom window hoping to at least spy those glorious lights in the sky! Mom hated the noise and Lucky just hated all the excitement! Does this sound familiar to you. I would not be surprised! I know that this is something that affects many Americans and their pets.

I decided to do a little research as to why so many people struggle with Pyrophobia – fear of fireworks – and this is what I learned. Fireworks can be frightening for both people and pet because:

1. Fireworks produce a loud sudden BANG that startles us and it can be

distressing for those with sensitive hearing. 2. Fireworks are not a regular occurrence, and their sudden appearance can be alarming. 3. Beautiful but bright lights can be overwhelming and the sudden burst of colors can be disorienting and induce fear or panic. 4. Fireworks can be associated with danger and explosions which can spark a memory of past trauma. 5. Fireworks over all can promote sensory overload, over stimulation and are best viewed by some from the bedroom window!

Knowing all this helps us better understand the impact that fireworks can have on many people and many pets. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the celebration while staying sane.

1. Find a quiet safe place to view the fireworks with out dealing with the noise 2. Put on a PEACE Super Patch to reduce stress and anxiety 3. Create a support group to gather together to watch the fireworks from a quiet inside place and celebrate! 4. Bring your favorite comfort keeper with you… your favorite stuffy, your lucky charm, or comfort blanket. Create a safe space with your favorite thing by your side.

The bottom line is that fear can either paralyze us or push us to conquer it surrounded by friends and family. The best way to overcome the fear of fireworks is to let loose, embrace the joyous chaos and turn your firework fright into a fun filled celebration of the 4th of July…no matter where you need to watch them from. Remember, the fireworks are usually over in about 15 minutes…you have the rest of the celebration to enjoy, laugh and make amazing memories

Have a Happy 4th of July and celebrate with the BOOM of your choice!!!

Celebrate anxiety free and enjoy the festivities!

All the best,

Tippy Missick

Active Aging Fitness Specialist

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