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There has never been a better time to start a home based business! The pandemic of 2020 has forced people to shop online as opposed to in store! Have you ever thought about starting a home based business for some extra income? I am hoping this article will help guide you to the perfect successful home based business. Reach out to me with any questions!

Passion & Choices

1. What is your passion? Can you share that passion with others enough to make them want what you have?

2. What is your why? Why do you want to do this and what do you want for others you will meet? Ex. Financial security, retirement, help others with health issues.

3. How can you turn that passion and your why into a successful home-based business that makes money?

4. You do have choices, So, let’s explore them now:

My Story: I love crafting! I have built a home business selling my wears online, at vendor events, Facebook marketplace, Esty and more! My passion is to help others by teaching them, guiding them, and offering them a holistic solution for their health issues!

Have you got a passion for Crafts, baking, hobbies, teaches…? Do you have what it takes to create or offer something unique and desirable that others will pay for? Then you should look at #1

#1. E Commerce Store: you create your inventory, spread the word and, hopefully, sell out over and over! Having done this, it is a lot of work…you become the manufacturer, marketer, networker, Designer… shall I go on? Here is where Passion comes in! I still do this😊

#2. Affiliate Programs: Simply put, affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant Web site pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate Web sites post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement. Here you would find a company that shares your same passion, allows you to promote your why, and provides you with a commission. Best part…No Inventory, no overhead! Personally, I like this format best! But I actually do all three… so now for #3

#3. Direct Sales: Direct selling is selling products directly to consumers in a non-retail environment. Instead, sales occur at home, work, online, or other non-store locations. Direct sales is about representing a product or service, sharing it with others while developing a relationship with your customer. Some people hear the words Direct Selling and assume it is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing.)

#4. MLM: Direct sales describes the business model where independent contractors (or representatives or distributors) sell a company's products and/or services directly to consumers. ... The difference is that in the MLM business model, the independent contractors also make money from recruiting others to work for the company. MLM Startup costs money. There is an investment to become an Independent Distributor then an investment in inventory used to promote sales. This can be an expensive proposition – be sure you are passionate if you are going to invest in an MLM. Also be prepared to hear “It is a pyramid scheme” or “Your selling snake oil! MLM’s are not for the faint of heart☹

My Story: I started with an MLM, 21 years ago, it was basically the only way to create a home-based business at that time for me. It was a large investment, a lot of work, and incredibly stressful! I love the products though and got tremendous improvements in my health, fitness, and mental health! Quite honestly, I am still a part of this company and have no plans of ever leaving. Why? It is a USA science-based nutrition company that started 32 years ago with only one product that was changing peoples’ lives, including mine. Reliv’s optimal nutrition line is still based on that one product, Reliv Classic, but it has grown into an International Food Science company with the mission: To Nourish Our World. Our company has set up a foundation, The Kalogris Foundation, which focuses on this mission by feeding children in undernourished countries all over the world! We are blessed to be a part of this Foundation!

I have chosen Reliv because it is ethical, on the cutting edge of science-based nutrition and provides an opportunity for anyone to create a business with Reliv… and create an income very quickly! But most importantly, It fulfills my PASSION and my WHY! Even after 21 years!

Now about my experience with Affiliate programs . My first experience with this type of business was about 3 years ago with a company in Colorado called Joy Organics, started by my friends Joy and Todd Smith. My friend Monica shared Joy’s Affiliate Program with me and I was hooked, great products and company! How it works: I have special links to Joy Organics that I share over social media, through my website and by word of mouth. When someone uses my link to make a purchase, I receive a 25% commission! If you look into affiliate programs, 25% commission is VERY generous! Joy Organics manufactures THC FREE Broad-Spectrum CBD Products! We never have to worry about getting high or failing drug testing!

Now it is up to you! Do you have what it takes to build a home-based business? What are you passionate about? Which vehicle will you take toward success!

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(Disclaimer: This article may contain links to affiliate programs that I am associated with. I may make a small commission on products or services purchased through these links. Helps me stay in business!!)


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