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Overcoming Physical Trauma

In 2005, I experienced a physical trauma that would change my life forever. Funny thing, I realize that I am not alone. So, this blog goes out to all of you that have experienced a physical trauma. These are the things I used to go from my death bed to a fitness specialist, speaker, author and all around healthy human. Enjoy!

My physical trauma had a profound impact on my life. A "simple Surgery" ended up not to be so simple after all! I was left with liver failure, septicemia poisoning and was hanging on by a thread. This one surgery left me in really in bad shape and led to multiple invasive procedures and 4 more surgeries in only 18 months.

I was bound and determined to not only survive but to thrive, and if you know me today, you know that I have done just that! These tips I give to you are the reason why.

While the medications I was given provided some relief, the side effects were sometime worse and overwhelming! That is why I started my journey for holistic solutions to help with my recovery.

  1. EXERCISE: I started walking around and around the halls of the hospital dragging my IV Pole and Catheter beside me. I truly believe this was one very important step in my recovery. By the way, I became known as the "Hall Walker." Moving is one of the most effective drug-free solutions for managing my physical trauma. I was able to get stronger physically and emotionally and grew as a person.

  2. NUTRITION: For all of that time, I received my nourishment through a feeding tube in my stomach. I insisted that they let my husband give me Reliv Nutrition instead of their usual TPN. Reliv Optimal Nutrition is the high test fuel my body needed and still needs to help speed of my healing journey.

  3. ACCUPUNCTURE, CHIROPATRIC CARE & MASSAGE: We all know the benefits of massage but I did both to care for my poor sick body. Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body and helps alleviate pain, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. The Chiropractor helped to keep my spine straight and functioning optimally. And Massage, oh massages, made me feel relaxed, loved and comforted. The perfect formula of self care!

  4. SUPER PATCHES: A year ago I was introduced to The Super Patch Company by a women whom I still have never met. These patches have taken my health and overall well being to the next level of vitality and health. I liken it to the "Cherry on Top of my Reliv" and am now referred to as "Vitality in Motion." I have gotten and continue to receive amazing physical and mental health benefits from a 1.5" square patch that has a "QR Code" to balance my brain. These are my results so far with more to come

  • My cholesterol finally dropped from 350 to 199; all my blood work is smack dab in the normal range - first time since 2005

  • I am pain free from Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disk Disease and Facet Joint Syndrome

  • I am sleeping better than I ever have before!!!! And love bedtime

  • My immune system is stronger than ever and when I got Covid-19, I only knew I had it because I was exposed and took a test.

  • And my energy, stamina and strength are over the top - and I am able to teach 10 hours of fitness class every week!

I am sharing all this with you because. I want you to know, there is always hope if you never give up! Physical trauma doesn't necessarily require relying solely on medications. There are drug-free solutions that helped me and will help you too!

My prayer for you is that you keep your heart open to the miraculous love and work of my Lord, Jesus Christ. Focus up and listen to His quiet voice!

Be blessed!

Tippy Missick-

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