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Is Your Athletic Wear Making You Sick?

Yes, I know that sounds strange for sure. BUT... PBA? Athletic wear itself is not likely to cause illness. But it is important that you are aware of certain factors that could contribute to discomfort or health issues.

  1. Moisture and Heat Retention: It is best to know if your workout wear is designed to wick moisture, allow adequate ventilation, and does not trap sweat against the skin. A moist environment promotes bacterial growth or fungi. This causes skin irritation, rashes, or infections.

  2. Allergies or Sensitivities: Some people struggle with allergies or sensitivities to certain fabrics, dyes, or chemicals that may be used in making athletic wear: Result may include itching, redness, or hives. Try to opt for hypoallergenic or natural fiber-based clothes.

  3. Poor fit or compression: It is very important that your outfit is not too tight. This can restrict blood circulation or limit range of motion and potentially lead to discomfort, muscle strains, or even nerve compression. It's important to choose properly fitted clothes that provide support while not being to restrictive.

  4. Hygiene and Cleanliness: It is important to maintain proper care of your workout clothes. Be sure you wash them regularly so bacteria, sweat, and dirt don't accumulate. The first sign that your clothes are a breeding ground of bacteria is unpleasant odors. This is the first sign of an increased risk of infections or skin issues. Follow care instructions and keep your clothes clean.

  5. BEWARE: Some workout clothes may contain PBA!!! A type of polyester fabric that is commonly used in athletic wear because it is known for its lightweight and moisture-wicking properties, making it suitable for activewear and sports apparel. BUT... Be sure to check the materials label because several brands may incorporate PBA in their workout wear. TAKE A LOOK you may be surprised

  • Nike offers a wide range of active wear, including sports shirts, shorts, and leggings, which often feature moisture-wicking polyester fabrics.

  • Adidas: another popular brand that uses polyester fabrics, including PBA or similar materials.

  • Under Armour: known for its performance-focused active wear. They often use polyester blends, including PBA, in their products to provide comfort and moisture management.

  • Puma: offers a variety of sports and activewear, some of which may incorporate PBA or similar polyester fabrics.

  • Reebok: produces athletic wear with polyester materials, which could potentially include PBA.

It is very important that we all are conscious consumers. Know what you are buying by checking the label on all clothes. With all the publicity of various illness that PBA may cause, be sure it is not used in the manufacturing of your favorite workout clothing brand!!

I hope that this article will enlighten you and serve you well in your healthy fitness journey. Be sure to visit my site TIPPYORGANICS.COM for great information on staying healthy through out you active aging journey.

Be Blessed!


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