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Improve Your Posture

As an Exercise Therapist who promotes Active Aging, I am sharing some simple exercises to help you improve your posture which will reduce your risk for a fall! There are several exercises that can help improve posture by strengthening the muscles that support proper alignment of the spine, shoulders, and other parts of the body. Here are some exercises that you can incorporate into your fitness routine to help improve your posture:

1. Core Strengthening Exercises: Strong core muscles, including the abdominals, back muscles, and pelvic floor muscles, are essential for maintaining good posture. Exercises such as plank, bird dog, and Pilates exercises that focus on the core can help improve core strength and stability, which in turn can help support a more upright posture.

  1. Upper Back Exercises: Strengthening the muscles in the upper back can help improve posture by pulling the shoulders back and promoting a more upright position. Exercises such as rows, scapular retractions, and shoulder blade squeezes using resistance bands or dumbbells can help strengthen the muscles in the upper back.

  2. Chest Opening Exercises: Tight chest muscles can pull the shoulders forward, leading to rounded shoulders and poor posture. Stretching and opening the chest muscles can help counteract this. Exercises such as chest stretches, doorway stretches, and chest opening yoga poses like Camel pose and Cow face pose can help improve chest flexibility and promote better posture.

  3. Neck and Shoulder Exercises: Strengthening the muscles in the neck and shoulders can help promote better alignment of the head and shoulders, which is important for maintaining good posture. Exercises such as neck retractions, shoulder shrugs, and shoulder circles can help improve the strength and flexibility of these muscles.

  4. Postural Awareness Exercises: Being mindful of your posture throughout the day and practicing postural awareness exercises can help train your body to adopt and maintain a more upright posture. These exercises involve consciously checking and correcting your posture throughout the day, as well as incorporating proper alignment into everyday activities such as sitting, standing, and walking.

It's important to perform these exercises with proper form and technique to avoid injury. It's also recommended to consult with your PCP if you have any concerns about starting an exercise program.

The key to improving your posture is to be consistent and regularly practice these exercises to see improvements in posture over time.

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