Caring For Man's Best Friend

Not just our best friend, they are our Sunday drive buddies, cuddle bug and emotional support system. Dog owners are blessed to have an amazing relationship with their little buddies! I know, my two little "Morkies" remind me every day!

Check out these tips for supporting your dog’s well-being.

1. Exercise Regularly

Just like humans, dogs like cuddles, playtime and lots of walks. Dogs have a lot of similarities, even though they look completely different. We have many of the same organs and muscles and, like humans, a dog’s body can become weakened due to a lack of exercise. Unlike cats, dogs need to follow an exercise schedule and will let you know when they want to get going! They too get cranky if they don’t get in your morning Fitness Fix. They need to work that frustration out with frequent activity. The more your dog walks and runs, the better their cardiovascular health and muscular strength will become. Even a quick 15-minute walk around the block is beneficial.

2. Trade in the Collar for a Harness

We want our dog to be as comfortable as possible. So, why wrap a collar around their throat?

Not only is a dog collar a choking hazard when the owner tugs the leash, it can also be one when you’re not around. If an overly active dog tries to jump a gate, a tight collar can get caught. Unfortunately, these instances can lead to a broken neck or death. The best way to combat these concerns is to purchase a body harness for your dog. Not only will they be more comfortable on their walks, but it also gives them a sense of freedom. A harness is less invasive, allowing your dog’s head and neck full range to sniff everything it sees.

3. Make Sure There’s Plenty of Mental Stimulation

Dogs spend a lot of time at home alone. While seeing you come home is the highlight of their day, you’re not enough! your pups want to have fun. Obviously, exercise is a great way to stimulate your dog mentally. but it is not the only way. There are many other ways to give your dog mental stimulation. Get a chew toy and fill it with peanut butter. Your dog will spend hours trying to get to that tasty treat inside. Speaking of treats, teach your dog some tricks. We humans have the desire to learn new things, and our four-legged friends are no different. Lastly, get your dog a puzzle, like a flip board. Just hide the treat in compartments and watch as your dog tries to figure out where the goodies are.

4. Be on Top of Dental Care

We brush our teeth twice a day. Yet, a majority of dogs will go through their lives without any dental care. Much like with humans, oral care is a glimpse into the overall health of your pet. They, too, are prone to disease and commonly contract gum infections. Once an infection happens in the mouth, it can spread, resulting in teeth falling out. These infections can travel to the heart, proving to be fatal for your loved one. Try to brush your dog’s teeth every day or do what I do, give them dental treats and plenty of bones. These chew-able treats scrape tartar off their teeth and plaque off their gums. And they love them!

5. Feed Them Organic Food

Many food companies use fillers, additives, GMOs and hormone-treated animal feed in their products. Be sure to read the packaging carefully. Opt for foods that use whole grains such as lentils or quinoa, organic vegetables, and free-range animals. A growing trend among dog owners is to make their own dog food at home. While this is an excellent idea for improving your pup’s nutrition, be wary of what you’re putting into the feed. For instance, common human foods like onion, garlic and tree nuts can be toxic for your animals.

6. Wash Bowls Daily

Every day, we use clean silverware and plates, yet we expect our dog’s slobbery tongue to lap up food and water from the same bowls every day. We should wash their bowls daily. Water is a breeding ground for life, including bacteria. That means the bacteria your dog picked up outside on their tongue travels into the house and into their water bowl. Bacteria sits in stagnant water. Depending on what type of bacteria is festering, your dog can pick up an oral infection. This is why dental hygiene and providing clean bowls are both essential for your dog’s well-being.

7. Treat Them to a Spa Day

Your dog doesn’t need a French manicure, but their nails do need some TLC. Overgrown claws are uncomfortable for dogs. They push back into the pads, causing pain and making it difficult to walk. Be sure to groom your dog according to their fur type as well. Long-haired dogs are especially prone to matting, which collects dirt and oils. Combing out these clumps can be painful for your dog and easily avoided if you keep up with regular grooming. Your dog’s hair also covers up what’s going on with their skin. By grooming your dog, you can see abnormalities such as dry patches. Finally, brushing your dog moves around their natural oils. Just like humans take omega-3 supplements to strengthen their hair, skin and nails, your dog needs healthy oils, too. While they secrete plenty of it, they can use some help moving those oils about. Regularly brushing your dog moves the oils around so more follicles get the benefits. In turn, your dog will have a healthier looking coat.

8. Keep Toxins Out of Reach

Rule of thumb: if you don’t want your kids getting into it, you don’t want your fur kids getting into it either. We take for granted how easily animals may come into contact with toxins in our home. Say they knock over that lemon-scented Pine-Sol. Once it’s on the ground, the enticing citrus smell may cause them to lick it up. Before you know it, you’re on the way to the animal hospital. Some human food may be toxic to dogs as well. There are also other concerns, including alcohol, prescriptions, marijuana, insecticides and even flowers such as tulips and daffodils. Get to know which foods, plants and products are toxic to your dog and keep these items out of your loved one’s reach. Must Read:

9. Use CBD Pet Products

There is nothing that breaks your dog’s heart more than when you walk out that door. Work seems to last forever to us — it must feel like ten lifetimes to them. These moments of separation may cause emotional distress for your dog. Help support your dog’s well-being with CBD dog treats. Like us, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Therefore, CBD pet products may help to maintain your dog’s overall wellness.

10. Regular Vet Trips

When it comes to the health of our pets, it’s best to consult with your vet. They can not only help you if your dog is sick but may also be able to anticipate problems before they happen in the first place. By going to the vet regularly, you might discover a minor issue before it becomes a full-fledged problem. Not only will this save your dog unneeded misery, but it can also save your wallet from expensive vet bills down the road. Not to mention, the vet can help with some of these tips for supporting your dog’s well-being. They can give you great insight on which food is best for your dog and may even offer services such as dental cleaning and spa treatments.

Maybe the reason dogs are called “man’s best friend” is that they are so much like us. We eat some of the same foods, enjoy the same activities and even have similar personalities. Make sure to schedule an annual physical for yourself, and set a date for your dog’s yearly check-up as well!

Have a blessed day!



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