Are You Stressing Out Your Pet???

Pets have it made; don’t you think? We provide for all their needs on a daily basis but that does not necessarily mean they never experience stress.

Regardless of how cute they are, how well behaved they are, or how they obey us, our pets operate by their natural survival instincts. When conflicts between their instincts and their surroundings can lead to some stressful situations. Pet owners can help to reduce these stressful moments by better understanding how their pets think and operate.

5 Things That Stress Pets and How To Avoid Them

1. Sharing: pets are known to protect what they believe belongs to them. This avoids their feelings lack and deprivation. We may be aware that there is plenty to meet their needs, they may not be. This can cause stress when they feel their supply is threatened. Solution: Help your pet become aware there is plenty and no need to stress.

2. Strangers: Like humans, pets feel most comfortable in familiar environments, with familiar people. Be aware of your pet’s comfort level when someone comes to visit and don’t push any interactions. Solution: Allow them time to get a feel for one another and to establish their own dynamic.

3. Vet Visits: this can be extremely stressful! The vet is likely a stranger who your pet may be wary of to begin with. When they proceed to examine and do uncomfortable things like give shots without your pet understanding what is going on, the situation can quickly turn stressful for your pet.

Solution: I highly recommend a CBD pet treat about an hour before the visit, this will relax your pet and they will feel less anxious and stressed.

4. Miscommunication: Communication can be stressful for both pets and pet owners. Although many of us like to talk to our pets, remember that they only understand a small percentage of what we’re saying.


a. Use simple commands with just a few words. Don’t make

pets try to figure out what you mean.

b. Be consistent in your commands by using the same

phraseology when asking them to do something.

c. Be aware of tone of voice. Being too loud can be scary

but being firm is more effective.

d. Be consistent in your rules. Our pets don’t understand

exceptions or special circumstances and will be less

stressed with set rules.

5. Loud Noises: Fireworks and thunderstorms are notorious for inducing fear in many pets, but there are certain measures we can take to help avoid this stress. Solution: Make sure your pet has a comfortable, safe space they can go to when they feel scared or stressed. Playing music or playing with toys can also help to distract your pet from loud noises. If the situation is severe, consult with your vet about medications or natural supplements such as CBD pet products.

Being a pet owner can have a steep learning curve but trying to understand the world from their perspective helps. Understanding what stresses our pets out can help us avoid those situations altogether. Leaving more room for petting, scratching and play time.


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