5 Tips: Grow Your Home Business

Growing A Successful Home Business & Make Money!

Since Covid-19, People are looking for new ways to work from home and MAKE MONEY!

21 years ago, I was given that opportunity and I have never looked back. I was introduced to Reliv, a food science company based in St Louis, MO USA!

In this blog, I will be sharing success tips that I have used to create my successful home business. I will be mentioning Reliv but, if you already have a home-based business, just substitute it. These are universal tips for success, no matter what business you are in!

My #1 tip is to tell a story about why you are promoting your products and business. Share with them your passion, business story… here is an example.

“When I first heard about the three areas of Reliv—help people get healthy with optimal nutrition, teach others how to earn an income and nourish thousands of hungry children around the world—I knew that this was a company that I wanted to work with. All my passions are put together in one place! As a nurse, I understand the role nutrition plays in our bodies and the importance of having it balanced for a healthy and preventative lifestyle. As part of my healthy lifestyle before Reliv, I worked out, drank smoothies, took many multivitamins, protein shakes, etc. When I learned that some Reliv products are Halal, gluten-free, and clinically proven plant-based formulas, it got me so excited! Halal supplements are very important to me and not always easy to find.

I started noticing amazing changes and an overall feeling of wellbeing after I started taking Reliv products, and it was a significant difference from all the other supplements I had taken before. I started noticing improvements in the quality of my performance at the gym and found that I had more stamina and recovered faster. Those who have been working out with me for years also noticed the changes and they too wanted to learn what I was doing differently! These amazing results helped me share Reliv with loved ones and reach out to others to help them improve their health.

If we can raise awareness about the importance of eating right, increasing physical activity, and implementing supplements with optimal nutrition like Reliv, we can help people enhance their quality of life. I believe Reliv should be in every household, and I love sharing Reliv with everyone in my life!”

Reading that, how did it make you feel? Did it spark any emotion? Make you think of someone who would benefit from these products? If so, telling a story works!

Now let’s get to the meat of SUCCESS!

Have you ever heard of ICSAR? Let’s get into it now!

ICSAR is an acronym for Identify, Connect, Share, Ask, Register

Identify: Who can I share Reliv (your business name) with? There are hundreds of people in your sphere of influence that have never heard of Reliv (your business name). Start making your list of just 5 people (a manageable number) Social Contacts, friends, family, co-workers, etc. Include everyone you can think of, you may be surprised who is interested!Check out my Memory Jogger

Connect: Covid-19 has forced many of us to stay home and it seems like it will be here for a while! So, people are looking for a way to supplement their income. You know it is possible, now let others know! People will do business with others they know, like and trust! Develop a relationship, discover your common ground but most importantly what is pulling on their heart strings right now! As your relationship gets more comfortable and you have listened to them, you will see a window of opportunity to share what you are doing and how they could benefit from it too. Here is where I share my health benefits by taking Reliv Optimal Nutrition!

Be sure to use technology to connect with others, phone calls, text, email, social media and even face to face using CDC precautions.

Not sure what to say? Click here for some tried and true conversation starters!

Share: Speak from your heart, share your passion for what you are doing, help them to see themselves doing or feeling the same. It is that simple!

Ask: now that you have complete all the above steps, it is time to ask what they are thinking about what you shared. Then don’t say another word!!!! Listen and hear what they have to say!

Most of the time you will here: “I would like to try the products, but I am not interested in the business.”

That is OK. Now take their order and continue with follow up. Let them know you care and want them to truly be glad they did business with you!

You may get surprised…be ready if they tell you they want to join you in business! Be ready to sign them up right then and there! Congratulations – you just grew your business! That brings us to R

Register: Yes… sign them up as a customer or a business partner and assure them you will help them every step of the way! Tell them you will follow up with them frequently and provide them with the best customer service ever!

Well, now that you know the 5 steps of ICSAR… Get to work and build your business and MAKE MONEY!

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