Physical Therapist and Tippy!
     PTs and OTs help people return to meaningful activity after an injury or illness by reducing pain, restoring mobility, teaching ways to prevent re-injury and manage their present condition.
    Tippy takes each client to the next level by using her expertise by teaching  how improve strength, flexibility, balance and overall fitness. Always being aware of their specific injury or illness.
Benefits of Personal Training with Tippy after Physical Therapy!

1. Momemtum
Once leaving physical therapy, many people stop exercising and eventually end up re-injuring themselves. That is why it is best to start a program with Tippy ASAP, so you will not lose your momentum or reinjure yourself!

2. Experience

Tippy has over 40 years experience in Post Therapy Fitness working in a variety of environments including a Rehab Hospital in Florida 

3. Variety of Exercises
Tippy Offer a variety of exercises that will not only strengthen  your problem area, but will strengthen your total body which will help with activities of daily living.

4. More Personalized Program
Having Tippy as your trainer provides you with the opportunity to spend more time monitoring your progress and making sure you are working toward your goals.

5.  Setting and Reaching Goals
Tippy will help you define your goals and work with you one to on to reach those goals.

Your Next Step?

... contact Tippy ASAP for a free 30 minute Fitness Evaluation to discuss your desires moving forward into fitness!

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