Throughout my fitness career, I have met people with varying  abilities and "disabilities". Being blessed with a creative mind and heart for helping others, I am able to design and make unique, problem solving products that make life a little easier for those in need.

"Thank you" to those who inspired, encouraged and assisted me during this creative journey. I am excited to provide handmade products, even custom made, that will help others dealing . All items can be custom made allowing others to meet their individual needs. 

Thank you  and many blessings!

Please be sure to visit my eBay Store - Tippy's Treasures for more unique gift ideas!

Handmade Happiness

Unique Mobility Accessories

I love working with the senior population and have seen them struggle with mobility and carrying things. That is when I decided to make fashionable bags that are attached to walkers and rollators.  These are deeply appreciated! These are some examples of Carry-All's I create.

                                                                Contact me to create your own!

I could never understand how hanging a bag off the back of a wheel chair was of value to the person in the wheelchair. After speaking with Ed, a retired engineer at a nearby assisted living community, we came up with an idea! Create a bag that can sit on the side of the wheelchair, over the wheel that is functional with out rubbing on the wheel. After many trips to the drawing board, we came up with this AWESOME wheelchair bag!!! Ed loves it and is blown away at how useful it is for him!

Unique Carrier Bags

I was visiting a friend at a nearby retirement community and I noticed people were carrying brown paper bags to dinner. I watched with curiosity only to discover that is how they bring their wine to dinner. Immediately this thought came to mind- "Lose the brown bag"! So, I started creating wine bottle bags that are a big hit!

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