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Athletic Performance

To play your best, you need to be physically and mentally locked in. The Victory Patch is designed to help improve your athletic performance so you can be more explosive, agile, and focused every game.

It's game time. Let's go! More Power. More Speed. 100% Natural & Drug-Free.


Jill Cox

My daughter came home from basketball practice with a sore back…told her to stretch it out, which she did…and I thought that was that as she didn’t complain again. In the morning she woke up almost in tears from lumbar back pain. Asked if she wanted a freedom patch, and we put it on her back, and off to school she went. She got home from school last night and said her back pain is gone and can we put another one on again in the morning…love that, at age 11, she truly gets it! No drugs, no side effects, and it truly works, because, let’s face it, kids are brutally honest

Shawn Palm


Have you had some moments that have changed your life? Maybe it was meeting that someone special, the loss of a loved one, or major trauma. I have had both good and bad moments.

Here is my story...

JOCK alert! So many hours spent in the gym, on the field, or on the ice. My passion for competitive sport was evident to anyone who knew me. The moment that changed my life was just after a Silver medal win at College Nationals in 1986. We came home to Red Deer and I then competed in a CO-ED COLLEGE level FUN tourny.

FUN until a young strapping MALE athlete hit the ball... at my head.

Remember the moments that can change your life? I did not know it, but the impact of the ball created brain TRAUMA that went undiagnosed for so many years. Through the years my health was taking a slow spiral downwards, without a clear picture of what was really going on.


About 6 years ago, I got a clearer picture of what was happening, and continued to pursue healing, and I continue to do so to this day. Before wearable neurotech, I had to wear orthotics in the house, all summer outside(no sandals for me), or my foot would scream at me! Now, I just wear the socks, insoles, or HPT patch on really hot summer days.

Before wearable neurotech, my brain was not optimized.

Now I KNOW it is! Am I one of those miracles I read about on the testimonial page?(there are definately some!). Well, no I am not. When I put those socks on, was the moment that changed my life, in so many ways.

Now I wear, I care, and I share.

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