Why Joy Organics?

What makes Joy Organics different from the others is the 7-Step process that they undertake.

  • Superior Farming

All the hemp is grown in Colorado in nutrient-rich soil through their state of the art farming processes.

They also use “The Sea of Green” approach method which means the plants grow much faster and therefore get to harvest much quicker which allows them to avoid using pesticides.

  • Raw Hemp Processing

Once the hemp comes to harvest, they are dried, stored and warehoused ready for when the plant is required for production.

When required, the plants go through a milling process where it is turned into a coarse powder ready to be shipped and subsequently manufactured.

  • Proprietary Extraction

They use a process that is commonly used within the CBD industry and that’s supercritical CO2.

A process that extracts the nutrients from the hemp plant and to ensure they are preserved to become a high-quality broad-spectrum oil.

In order to complete the process a number of nutrients that aren’t required need to be removed.

Through extensive research, it was found that broad-spectrum products lead to more potency and many additional benefits compared to CBD on its own. Commonly known as the entourage effect.

  • Separation

Before they can continue with the manufacturing process,  further refinement is required where the hemp extract has to be separated from the supercritical CO2 used in the extraction process which is recycled and used again.

  • THC Removal and Refining

What really sets Joy Organics from the rest is that even the smallest traces of THC are removed, which is great for government approval.

They use a propriety technology for this.

  • Third-Party Lab Testing

Every batch is rigorously tested at this point to ensure that what is on the label is in the bottle.

Each of the products includes a QR code that links the raw oil to the 3rd party tested finished product.

  • Nanoemulsion Technology

This is a process that takes the refined oil and transforms it into nano-sized emulsions which makes the broad spectrum CBD the best it can possibly be.

According to Joy Organics, their competitor’s oil particles are between 100-1000 nanometers in size. Joy Organics are around 25, which all adds up to easier and more effective absorption.

This means you can use less of the product to get the same effects from their competitor’s products.


Let’s look at the Joy Organics products range

At Joy Organics the consumer is their number one priority and this can be seen throughout, with a mixture of categories to cover many areas.

They are constantly trying to stay abreast of their competition with improvements to existing formulas, and with new products coming in the very near future.

The categories at Joy Organics…

  • Tinctures           Gummies           Soft Gels           Energy Drinks           Pet Products           Salve Balm           Salve Stick

  • Cream               Sports Cream           Bath Bombs           Sample Pack