• In Home "Girls Night" CBD Party: at home THC- Free CBD parties educate women about cannabis, CBD, and hemp. Get your gals together to enjoy a stress free, fun gathering where you will be educated, entertained and refreshed. Great way to get some unique gifts for friends and families

  • In Home "Fit ~ Free with CBD": Learn about THC-Free CBD, products and benefits they offer to enhance your workout, health and lifestyle. Followed by 30 minutes of gentle yoga. Then cool down with delicious, refreshing CBD beverages. Shopping opportunity! Minimum 4 participants 

  • 30 Minute THC-Free CBD Consultation: Individual face to face free 30 minute consultation. Learn about CBD, its uses, and benefits. Free

  • 45 Minute THC-Free CBD Educational Seminar- Join us at one of our scheduled Educational Seminar . Learn about CBD, its benefits, uses and more.

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