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In a world of convenience, it’s become difficult to be healthy. All over the world, people are eating more processed foods and consuming fewer of the nutrients our bodies need to thrive. To make matters worse, our diet-obsessed cultures promote one fad after another, leaving us feeling confused about what to eat, how to exercise, and whether we even care.

We formed GetFit21 to offer a different approach, one that combines science-based education, daily Coach interaction, and a supportive community. This program is designed around helping you step into a healthy lifestyle and embrace the progress and well-being that health affords. 

At the heart of our program, you’ll find a dedicated team of Coaches striving to help you become your best self. Our Coaches are what set GetFit21 apart from other diet and exercise programs. 

Working with thousands of clients has taught us that transparent, science-based supplements can make habit change easier and more sustainable. Our supplements are designed and manufactured by Unicity, our parent company, in the USA.


We are a community dedicated to helping people use health as a springboard into a life full of progress.


Tippy Missick      MA

Ron Missick         MA

Lisa Heffernan     MA

Karyn Bergen       NY

Carol Graham      MD

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