Stories of Hope 

"Before I started using THC-Free CBD, I had experienced a variety of medical issues and I really don't like taking medication. I took only what I had to, but decided to give CBD a try to see how it could help. Not long after I started using CBD, I started noticing some changes.


In December, I fell and broke my wrist and my elbow, CBD salve helped relieve the pain and inflammation. Shortly after that, I had hand surgery I used the softgels and salve which led to quicker healing. My doctor was so surprised and so was I. He now refers his patients to me for pain relief with CBD.


The other amazing thing that happened was that my ENT doctor discovered I had a collapsing ear canal. he told me he wanted to see me in 3 months to determine if I needed surgery... NO! Not Again. The 3 months passed and I had continued taking my CBD. The doctor was in total disbelief when he saw that my ear canal was normal. That is when I shared about my CBD use...He now refers his some of his patients to me, TOO! 

I am forever grateful!

Tippy Missick 11/9/2019

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