Tippy Organics evolved from my 40+ years in fitness/wellness. My vision has always been to help others improve their lives through holistic and alternative solutions. When it comes to medical care, my experiences were far from positive, which has led me down a different path, and I am so grateful. How could I not share?

I have struggled with multiple surgeries, auto accidents, injuries, PTSD, anxiety and yes, depression. Which led to trouble sleeping, pain, inflammation and stress.

​ I have learned about the body, how it functions and even that it prefers natural remedies. I researched the benefits of CBD, magnesium for restless leg syndrome, and the benefits of  science backed nutrition. I also discovered the so called "Snake Oils" that rope us in, but  just don't work.

I love teaching the benefits of fitness, nutrition and supplementing. I have been blessed to finding holistic alternatives right when I  needed them. Nutrition supplements, delicious meal replacement shakes, spray on magnesium and now CBD!  

There are many CBD products available and the industry is unregulated, so be sure you know what to look for in CBD. I have tried several brands that didn't give me the results I was looking for. Then I tried my friend,  Joy Smith's personal CBD brand. I had immediate results with pain relief, anxiety and even my sleep issues. 

 My mission is to share with you the highest quality and most effective holistic products available. ​

My promise is to constantly bring you the best, and to be a positive impact  in your life! 

​Yours in wellness,

Tippy Missick

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